Malaysian Straight (9A) Bundles + Frontal


Deal includes: three bundles/four bundles + one 13*4 frontal.

Silk Straight

Malaysian hair

natural virgin hair color

Single drawn

can be styled with heat

double machine weft

pre-plucked: slightly, please refer a hairstylist to pluck the frontal to your desired look according to your facial structure

bleached knots: no, our knots are tiny and can be covered by make-up. Please note that bleaching the knots may cause excessive shedding or balding because bleach chemically destroys hair cuticles. Only let a professional hairstylist bleach your hair knots.

baby hair: moderate amount, not excessive.

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Malaysian Collection

this Malaysian Collection is where affordability meets great quality. This hair has all the great points of virgin hair and can be styled however you like. 

  • Hair Lengths 8″-28″
  • Can be lifted to 613 blonde
  • Machine Weft
  • 3.5-3.8 oz per bundle
  • Grade 9A
  • Natural Black
  • Free of any chemicals
  • Can be curled, straightened
  • Can last up to 1 year with proper care, can be reused.
Q: How many bundles do I need?

A: The amount of hair you need for a full head depends on your preference and the length you want. We generally use the rule below:

12″ – 14″  2 Bundles

16″ – 22″  3 Bundles

24″ – 30″  4-5 Bundles 

Double your longest length when purchasing hair longer than 24″ so that you have a full bottom. For example, 24×1, 26×1, 28×2. Sometimes you will need 5 bundles for a very full sew-in. Closures will not substitute the amount of bundles you will need. Frontals may reduce the amount of bundles depending on your length. 

Additional information

Bundle+Frontal Length

10-10+10"Frontal, 10-12-14 + 10″ Frontal, 10-12-14+8"Frontal, 12-12-12+12"Frontal, 12-14-16 + 12″ Frontal, 12-14-16+10"Frontal, 14-14-14+14"Frontal, 14-16-18 + 14″ Frontal, 14-16-18+12"Frontal, 16-16-16+16"Frontal, 16-18-20 + 16″ Frontal, 16-18-20+14"Frontal, 18-18-18-+18"Frontal, 18-20-22 + 18″ Frontal, 18-20-22+16"Frontal, 20-20-20+20"Frontal, 20-22-24 + 20″ Frontal, 20-22-24+18"Frontal, 22-22-22+20"Frontal, 22-24-26 + 20″ Frontal, 22-24-26-26 + 20″ Frontal, 24-24-24+20"Frontal, 24-26-28 + 20″ Frontal, 24-26-28-28 + 20″ Frontal, 26-26-26+20"Frontal, 28-28-28+20"Frontal, 8-10-12 + 8″ Frontal


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